Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Gift Ideas for Gardeners Helps You Save!

I know the title makes me sound like a walking commercial. Please understand that I am writing this after watching Kevin Bacon’s humorous commercial (see silly informercial-like video below) about buying locally.


But wait there’s more!

Most friends and family members, know that I harp talk about the importance of buying locally. I love gifts that help the local economy, and our communities. Strong, vibrant communities are important for our children, health, our well-being, and us. Every time I choose a small business over a giant chain store, I feel satisfaction knowing that those dollars stay in the community. I want a good portion of the money I spend to stay local—it’s a win-win situation!

Here are a few more gift ideas for gardeners from Northwest-based companies. 

Pot Lifter

This handy tool should be in every gardener’s arsenal. This affordable gadget is worth a lot in terms of saving you from back strain after lifting heavy or awkward containers full of soil and plants. Another body is the only necessary accessory you need to move your containers around. You can also use the pot lifter on other heavy objects too, such as stones, hay bales, or bags of cement.

Even better is a 20% discount for you, our Rainy Side Gardener readers, which is good through January 31, 2014. You can use it to buy a gift for someone else, or after Christmas you can use it to buy a practical tool for yourself as the discount code applies next year! Use the coupon code: rainyday0131 upon checkout at their site.

Heirloom Roses

Although Rosa 'The Pilgrim' is not one of the sale roses, I had to show it off!

Psst. Don’t tell anyone, but they are the only place I buy my roses from.

What gardener wouldn’t love a rose bush to grow? Heirloom Roses from St. Paul, Oregon will not only sell you some fantastic roses, they propagate and grow their selections in  the Northwest. Even better, the roses grow on their own root systems! You won’t have to worry about suckers from the rootstock over powering favorite shrubs or climbers. Many of their roses are repeat bloomers, fragrant and disease resistant! From David Austin roses to old-fashioned ramblers, they have a huge selection. 

This week until December  9, they have a 20-50% sale on selected roses. Even if you miss this week’s sale, they promise more sales this month. 

I looked over their list and the prices are between $6.80 to $14.00. What a valuable gift to give for such a low cost! 

If you don’t wish to select a rose, consider a gift certificate and let your gift recipient choose their favorite! 

Timber Press Books

This Northwest based publisher has 30% off on all their books, including my personal favorite: Gardening for the Birds by George Adams, one of Timber Press’s best sellers. (I am biased, since the book has a few of my photographs inside its covers. However, it is a great book for gardening with the birds.) 

You can find great books from Beatrix Potter’s Gardening Life to Debra Baldwin’s  Succulents Simplified, and many Northwest writers’ books are published here, such as Uncommon Fruits for Every Garden by Lee Reich.

So many books for the gardener’s book shelf, if you can’t choose one for your gardener friend or family member, give them a gift certificate instead and let them choose the one they want.

Timber Press

The Garden Conservancy Membership

This nonprofit helps preserve exceptional gardens around the country. Every spring, summer, and fall (even winter in warmer areas) the organization selects outstanding gardens so that we the public can enjoy them. Memberships help keep the conservancy going and members receive 50% off on garden tour tickets. I go on almost every one of their outstanding tours from the Seattle to Portland area and I am never disappointed! 


But, wait, there’s more!

I want to wish you a Happy Holiday! May visions of the coming growing season keep you warm throughout the winter season!

And now for a little Kevin Bacon:


  1. Books from Timber Press are a great gift idea!

    1. I agree, can't have too many books, you just have to get more bookcases.

  2. Hi,Thanks,,the post are a team effort as I have staff help me. Basically not much money in the gardening, but that's not why I do it. I just want more people around the world to grow fresh healthy food at home because there are just so many benefits not only for people but the environment too. It's my way of helping the best I can. Please pass my post so others can get inspired too!Thank you!!!
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