Saturday, December 21, 2013

Out of My Comfort Zone

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Last night something strange happened. I was getting ready to shut the computer off after a night of writing and a friend request came in on Facebook (FB). Before I accept a friendship I look for shared friendships if I do not know the person, many who friend me are part of the gardening community. The friend request came from a young man who had no mutual friends with me. I peeked in on his timeline to see if I could find something there that would make me feel comfortable to accept him as an FB friend. I did not. Normally I would have ignored the request, but then I saw that he was from the Kitsap Peninsula, and went out of my comfort zone and accepted his request.

He immediately private messaged me and I thought, oh boy a spammer or creep. (They usually play their hand right away.) I opened it up and it read, "Hi there Miss Teashon! We don't know each other but I was going through West Sound Home and Garden magazine and found some pictures of your garden displayed. I was wondering if I could ask you about one of the plants you have pictured?"

Phew, he is not a spammer; he is a young man with an interest in plants.

"Sure, I don't mind," I wrote.

"Thank you There's a picture of a single purple wavy leaf with a green/white stripe going through the middle of it, I have searched up and down the internet trying to figure out what it is but have had no luck, could you tell me what it is?"

Now I had no idea what he was talking about so I picked up the WSHG magazine and leafed through it to see if I could find this interesting plant I had growing in my garden. Turns out it was one of Barbara Sanderson's Glass Gardens NW  When I told him what it was he laughed and said his mother really liked the plant and wanted it. He wanted to get it for her for Christmas. He wanted to know who made it so I sent him over to Barb's web site.

In closing he said, "It definitely does, even though I feel really ridiculous now haha. Hey thank you for helping out, especially this late."

“Don't be, I think that is very cool! Thanks for telling me and hope you can get her one of Barbara's pieces."

“That's the mission now, keep up the good work my mom loves your pictures and garden, have a good night!"

“Thanks! You have a good night too."

I shut off my computer feeling like a helpful little elf and blessed by the words of such a sweet young man.


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