Thursday, December 5, 2013

These Boots Are Made For Walking

Flash Back to 2010

Oh really? These boots are made for planting! That’s what Sally Hewett planted out in her Bainbridge Island garden.

I visited the Hewett garden as part of the Garden Conservancy Garden Open Days. I believe this garden owner loves shoes! Shoes are a definite must when touring the property. I wasn’t too keen on the bits of stained glass chards strewn about. Although it looked wonderful, all I could think about that I would be hollering ouch, ooch, eech, for my poor bare footsies had I not been wearing shoes.  It's my only complaint for this beautifully planted space that overlooked Puget Sound. I loved this garden.

Photos below, show a designated footpath, a shoe-way going down the side garden. The clever plantings in shoes I want to describe, using only clich├ęs. Enjoy!

The shoeway
Awww, cute little toddler shoes planted appropriately with baby tears.

Finally, another use for high heels: after you aerate the lawn with them, plant and forget about all foot torture devices.
And last but not least ,the embellished garden slippers to protect your feet from glass shards.

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  1. I love those embellished garden slippers. There was a garden Peter and I saw on this year's NPA tours that had lots of children's Crocs all planted up. It was so cute!


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