Sunday, January 26, 2014

Urban Garden Company’s Second Anniversary

Walking into the Urban Garden Company in Tacoma, you know you are going to love every vignette. Garden designer, Sue Goetz, is the artistry behind this shop. Strolling into the building during the height of winter is a welcome relief from the dreary gray days, especially today when the sun streamed through the windows and upon the shelves filled with delights for both interior and exterior. Today they celebrated their second anniversary.

While visiting the store, Sue graciously talked to me about the upcoming show That begins next week, about what it’s like to design and build the display gardens for the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. They begin building the garden in the Convention Center at the end of this week. 

The store will close for the next few weeks as Sue Goetz and her daughter Courtney gear up for the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. The mother and daughter team have designed a wonderful two-generation garden, featuring two artisan studios with two different styles, two different purposes  and married them together in a beautiful garden—The Art of Retreat. This is Sue's seventh display garden and Courtney's second, more about that later. For now just enjoy the store!

We will enjoy their garden in February at the show, but today here are a few treats from inside the Urban Garden Company store. 


  1. I'm really looking forward to seeing their display garden this year. A few years ago Courtney's was one of my favorites.

    1. From what I've seen of so far, it is going to be wonderful!

  2. Cool shop! Looks like lots of really neat garden stuff. I love those lanterns in your first pic.

    Sue and Courtney's garden idea for the NWFGS sounds really interesting and fun. Can't wait to view it!


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