Thursday, May 22, 2014

Clouds in the Garden

Flash Back Thursday (2010)
I know this spring has been stormy and cold. However, I'm not writing about the weather, I'm enjoying my "clouds" in full bloom in my entry garden.

Out of the variegated foliage, a significant drift of Saxifraga London's Pride (Saxifrage x urbium 'Variegata')  shoots up long stems covered in tiny white flowers. I planted this perennial on top of a rock wall in the shade of a plum tree. It took over the top of the wall and cascades handsomely down the side.

This is a favorite perennial for me; its fantastic foliage looks great all year round. In late spring, drifts of small flowers appear over the leaves, textural contrast to the Hosta 'Stained Glass' and Primula viallii nearby. This entry garden contains a fun combination of foliage and flowers that ushers in summer.  After the flowers finish, I pick the stalks with my hands, and the brittle stems break cleanly off the rosette. The foliage is enjoyed the rest of the year.

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