Thursday, June 26, 2014

No Credit Given To the Gardener

Flash Back Thursday (2010)
I recently picked up Dream Gardens Across America, a special publication magazine by Better Homes and Garden. I enjoyed perusing the beautiful pages filled to overflowing with gardens across America. I found something puzzling and disturbing in these pages. A big piece of the picture was missing--there isn’t one mention of who owns or designs the gardens. 

There are many credits handed out. On page one, credits go to editorial director, editor in chief, art director, editor designer, contributing copy editor, contributing proofreader, contributing writers, editorial assistant, vice president and publisher, advertising director, executive vice president and vice president and general manager. In each article about the garden credits are given to field editor and writer.  But the most important credit is missing—the garden creators. They can mention a proofreader, but not the owners of these dream gardens? 

This oversight, whether intentional or not, seems odd to me. Gardens are a reflection of the ones who own them—an investment in time, creativity, perspiration, and money. It's like reading a book filled with pictures of art, giving credit to everyone involved in making the book, but without mention of the artists who created the art.

Isn't it an insult to tell a story and leave out the men and women behind these wonderful gardens? Come on editors and publishers; give credit where credit is due.

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  1. Yes BH&G, you should give credit to the gardeners and designers!


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