Monday, August 17, 2015

Children and Plants- Two things a Gardener cannot control!

When did I ever think I had control over my garden? As gardeners, we spend many hours designing, planning and planting a garden with a vision in our minds. We do our best to match soil and sun conditions to the plant but it is not always enough. Plants, like children, have a mind of their own and will decide where they will grow and thrive. At best, we are managers of the garden, possibly master gardeners but not masters of the garden. Add kids to the mix and I now know that I am certainly not the master of the garden but more along the lines of maid-servant - to both kids and garden.

When my daughter wanted to add a fairy garden, I thought that was a fine idea. Great way to be outside with her, have fun, and provide interesting entertainment that does not involve a computer!

I helped her pick an out a secluded spot.  She proceeded to collect rocks, pots, bricks, glass and all kinds of cool treasures to make a fairy village. The fairies even have their own earth-moving vehicles!

How about one of these big blue pots, Mom, she says? Can I use these? Okay, I thought, these glazed pots don’t necessarily need plants, although I do have plants that I planned to put in those pots. I can share.

We bought a few miniature plants. The next step, obviously, was to add a few figurines from the bonsai section at the nursery. And how much more fun would it be to bring out the Schleich play figures like these knights, ponies, dragons and fairies. 

Now, the pot is way too small.
Lo and behold, the fairies are on the move! The fairies colonized a new section of the garden!  I had moved a daylily, leaving bare soil and now there was plenty of room for more fairies.

Later in the week, I noticed that a jack in the pulpit (Arisaema sp.), I planted last fall was no longer in its spot. I inadvertently placed it in the location of the new fairy garden and totally forgot about it until it pushed its way out of the ground. Sophia decided to “move it” without telling me, possibly hoping that I would not notice.   The soil had been smoothed over so I knew it had not been accidentally uprooted and removed while weeding.

After several minutes of questioning she finally remembered where she tossed it. We re-planted it, both of us remorseful but happy to have come to agreement about the plants and creating new gardens.

How do we share the cultivation and usage of the garden with family members? In the end, I know that I am happy to share the garden with my daughter as long as we can negotiate the next fairy settlement!


  1. How are the negotiations coming along? Made me laugh!

  2. Oops, sorry, missed your comment, Deb. She's packed up the figurines up for the winter. Starting to think about plants that can go in those areas. LOL!

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