Thursday, December 24, 2015

Birdhouse Flashback

This old photograph gave me a walk down a path of paint and birdhouses.

An old hand-painted bird house.

Many years ago, I hand painted some birdhouses that I sold out of a gallery. With regret, the only one I ever photographed was my first one, and only after I found it on a stump in the garden years after I painted it. The huckleberries and salal grew up around it and hid it from view. I had forgotten I placed it there. The landing post had rotted a bit and bees used it for a nest. The front had faded, yet the shaded sides still had much detail.

Originally, I painted intricate garden scenes on it with a path that went all the way around with layers of trees, shrubs, flowering vines, and perennials. The path led you through a lush garden. I regret that I didn't photograph all sides of every one I painted — silly me!

I loved designing the imaginary gardens as I painted the houses. Sadly, I stopped painting them because the person that made the unpainted birdhouses for me, quit building them. Finding unpainted wood birdhouses were either too expensive to paint and resell, or too rustic.

Regardless, it was fun to stumble across this old photograph, and relive some old memories.

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