Sunday, December 30, 2018

The Garden Grows

I wrote this in 2004. However, I'm not sure when I made the meme some years later. Nevertheless, I am posting this for the new year. You can read the poem below, or click on the image and read the image version.

May your 2019 garden be blessed with abundance!

The Garden Grows

I grow flowers.
No, I shovel manure.
I haul buckets,
the latest rot of the day
and feed my garden.

I plant seeds.
No, I mound soil.
I pile amendments until
it looks like a shallow grave
and ready my garden.

I grow seedlings.
No, I pull weeds.
They creep in at night
I toss them by day
and clean my garden.

I shovel manure.
No, I grow flowers.

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